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Emergency Medicine | Metrics In The ED

What has more become more of an influence on our jobs as Emergency Medicine physicians or Hospitalists than the issue of ED wait time quality metrics? A recently published blog in Health Leaders Media expounds the on two ED wait time quality metrics and the potential consequences for these published parameters which are now posted on the Hospital Compare website. The first metric is the median time between when patients enter the Emergency Department door until they leave the ED for an inpatient bed (ranging in minutes from 52 – 387). The second metric is the median time between the moment an Emergency Department doctor decides to admit patients to an inpatient bed and the time the patients actually leave the Emergency Department for that bed (ranging from 0 – 170 minutes).

Hospital Physician Partners (HPP) is very proactive, working toward leading the Emergency Medicine industry in achieving these goals by implementing the following process improvement scenarios:

1. Provider in triage; (Mid-Level Provider in triage to screen patients and make quick dispositions on simple cases while beginning workups for patients to be brought to the back for further evaluation and treatment).

2. Direct bedding for patients when empty beds are available (bypassing triage).

3. Bedside patient registration.

4. Encouraging the hospital to move to Point of Service lab testing (bedside tests available include: urine; pregnancy test; BMP;CBC; ABG; Troponin).

5. Instituting a virtual scribe program for ED’s with an Electronic Medical Record.

6. Providing specific education targeted for efficient practice methods offered on the Hospital Physicians University Continuing Medical Education and in their Provider Manual under the section: “Moving Patients in the ED”.

7. In hospitals where HPP have both ED and hospitalist programs, there are coordinated efforts to reduce boarding and expedite disposition of patients to in-patient beds.

8. We have even established a discharge staging area to free up beds where the situation permits.

The world of transparency for the efficiency of medicine is running straight into the practice of Emergency Medicine for all to see. HPP offers a comprehensive program to enhancing professional skills in the management of our patients!


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